DS Screen PlateRite 4300E, PlateRiite 4300S

April 15, 2007

A couple of options exist in 4-up recorders from DS Screen is the PTR 4000 series of platesetters. The current one is the DS PlateRite 4300, DS Screen’s next generation of popular PlateRite 4000 series computer to plate system. On the entry level, Screen PlateRite 4300E. The higher cost PlateRite 4300S is the faster version with more resolution options. These platesetters deliver quality and reliability for making thermal plate sizes 2-up to 6-up. The PlateRite series has proven external drum thermal CTP design. On the PlateRite 4300E you have 16-channel thermal laser heads. You can do 2,400, 2,438, or 2,540 dpi. The PlateRite 4300S has a 32-channel thermal laser head and can do a wider variation of resolutions, from 1,200 dpi to 4,000 dpi. Throughput is good, at 2,400 dpi, the PlateRite 4300E can output up to 11 plates per hour, while the PlateRite 4300S can output 21 plates per hour. The PlateRite line has the flexibility to be configured with full automation or fully manual, many possiblities inbetween. Since it’s thermal you will be running very standard commodity plates with many options of supply. There are highest quality thermal CTP plates you can get.


Florida Fishing, Record 436lb. Warsaw Grouper, Destin FL

April 7, 2007

In December of 1985 a fisherman named Steve Haeusler filed the record with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission after catching the fish in the waters off Destin Florida. You can read more about Destin Florida Fishing at the Destin Florida Blog/Fishing. This 436lb Warsaw Grouper, caught in Destin Florida has been the record holder for 22 years now. In Destin Florida the Grouper fishing is excellent. The restaurants there feature fresh Grouper caught daily and it’s the best there is.
Destin Florida Fishing, Record 436lb. Warsaw Grouper, OMG Huge

Almost all of the Warsaw Grouper are caught in the Gulf of Mexico (Texas Louisiana, Alabama and Florida west coast). In terms of location, the Emeral Coast from Panama City Beach west to Pensacola Florida is the largest landing port in the US, responsible for about 68% of the total US landings from 1950 to 1985